[Missions] A mere 5 days


It’s been 16 months since the last time I watched the sun rise over the Haitian mountain-scape. And in five days, my soul’s yearning to return will be satisfied. Honestly, my desire to serve in Haiti again is a little bizarre. Fear held a tight grip on my heart for over half of my last stay, but God obliterated fear’s grasp. A few weeks ago, I told a friend I was hoping the Lord would allow our team to return to Source Matelas, the village we served in 2013. Within three hours, I received word we’d be in Source Matelas. God is in the business of redemption. I cannot wait to see how the Gospel has continued to redeem Source Matelas, a voodoo stronghold, and my once fear-filled heart.

Today I come to you with an anxious heart (is it August 2 yet?!) and a request for prayers. Prayers for faith to conquer fear. Prayers for open doors and hearts. Prayers for life transformation for every man, woman, and child in Haiti – including the lives of the four ladies pictured below.

A mere five days. Ekkk!



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