“The sight of the huge world put mad ideas into me, as if I could wander away, wander forever, see strange and beautiful things, one after the other…” -C.S. Lewis

SOJOURNEY [soh-jur-nee] noun. – a journey through the temporary to the eternal.

Right about now you may be realizing sojourney isn’t actually a word in the dictionary. I crafted my own term and assigned it a definition to satisfy my needs … I tend to do that a lot in written and verbal form. I’m a firm believer that there are words yet to be coined and that existing ones deserve alternative spellings to stress a point.

Welcome to place I use to share pieces of my journey! You’ll find a lot of my personal reflections on life, missions, and travel on these pages. My hope is that you’ll find something here that stirs your affections for the Person and Place you are made to enjoy.

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