myTunes Monday

At work last week, my boss and I were brought to tears by Colton Dixon‘s rendition of Everything by Lifehouse after being voted off of American Idol. My boss watched his performance live, but I haven’t watched much TV in a while, so it was completely new to me. There’s something beautiful about the raw emotion and complete satisfaction despite earthly disappointment that testifies to the fullness of joy found in following Christ. That combined with the reality of someone worshiping God on national television for millions of people to witness led us both to waterworks.

This week’s myTunes Monday is a little different. I’m featuring a recording of Colton’s final performance in hopes that you’ll be encouraged to use your platform to worship the God who loved the world enough to send His only son to die for it (John 3:16). Your stage may not be national TV, but I can guarantee it has the power to transform at least one life. That one life is worth it.

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