myTunes Monday

I introduced you to Ben Rector and his bow ties a few weeks back. Since releasing The Walking In Between on August 20, 2013, I’ve listened to the album over and over again. “Sailboat” hits home with the season of life I’m walking through. Sailboats can’t generate their own power, and rely on wind to carry them home. Their final destination ultimately depends on something they can’t control. I relate to that. For the first time ever, I don’t have a plan. I feel constantly tossed by the wind, and have no idea where I’m headed. Despite many uncertainties, I know a few things to be true. I’m broken, redeemed and being restored. I’m a child of God, and this life is not my own. The steps I take are completely dependent on where The Lord leads. Although I’m tossed by the wind, my ultimate destination is sealed by the One who controls every gust. With that knowledge, I confidently raise my sail, and wait for the wind to carry me home.

When you find yourself in the depths of the unknown, trust in God’s greater plan, and let Him guide you through the waves. Happy myTunes Monday, y’all!

But I’m not giving up,
I’m gonna move on forward
I’m gonna raise my sail
God knows what I’m headed towards


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