Recently, I’ve been praying for boldness in my faith, which sounds incredibly silly to admit since I’m usually bopping around rapping Lecrae and talking about missions. I’m in a new season of life that revolves around working full time for a Minor League Baseball Club. My conversations are different than the casual chatter in a training room or between classes and at times I’ve found myself concerned about crossing boundaries when it comes to sharing Jesus. When I played volleyball I would wear a headband during practice and games that had scripture monogrammed on the side. The headband’s purpose was two-fold. First, it kept my sweat and hair out of my eyes. Second, it served as a conversation starter to share Who I played for.

Now, my average day as a full time employee involves marketing the team, going to community events and helping with in-game promotions. I wear a headband during games, but I’ve chosen to wear ones without scripture for fear of offending one of the 8,000+ people that see me on a nightly basis. As I’ve been praying for boldness, I heard God telling me to bring out the old headbands with scripture.

Sunday I decided to take action and packed a headband with 2 Timothy 4:7 on the side. My hair was looking great, or so I thought, so I opted out of wearing a headband at the beginning of the night. Naturally,  my bangs got oily and I needed to do something about it…it was time to break out the headband. Reluctantly I put it on and headed out to the field. Within five minutes of taking a seat before hopping on a dugout a man asked what was on my headband. Here’s how the conversation went.

Man: What’s on the side of your headband?

Me: 2 Timothy 4:7

Man: Oh, so you’ve fought the good fight?

Me: That’s the goal!

Man: Oh, wow.


Literally less than five sentences was all it took for God to use my silly headband and move through our conversation! My prayer was answered as soon as I was obedient.

Today I want to encourage you to be bold and stand firm in what you believe. If you ask for boldness to proclaim God’s glory, you will be granted an opportunity to be bold. God’s in the business of making His glory known and He wants to use you to do it! It doesn’t take much. Maybe it’s something as simple as a headband and the willingness to be obedient.


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