Majesty in the Tragedy

“Welcome to Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Please remain seated with your seatbelt fastened until the pilot turns off the seatbelt sign.”

Touchdown. It was time for the journey to begin. Five months of planning had gone into preparing for this moment and it was time to serve, or so I thought.

After eight days of cold showers, brushing my teeth outside next to turkeys and chickens, going to war with mosquitos every night, and letting “yellow mellow,” I had fallen in love with Haiti. I had come to serve, but God wanted me to fall in love with the barren mountainsides, ivory smiles, and breathtaking sunsets. When people talk about Haiti, they talk about the earthquake that took 300,000 lives. When I talk about Haiti, a twinkle shines from my eyes at the sovereignty of a loving God who makes all things work for GOOD and is making all things NEW. Yes, Haiti is broken, but it is BEAUTIFUL. We talk about the tragedy, but I see God’s majesty. After all, aren’t we all broken, yet beautiful in the eyes of our Father? Weren’t we all destined for a tragic ending until Jesus stepped in and changed the game forever by taking our place on the cross?

Hop on the canter and enter into Haiti, where people live in color and fully rely on God for EVERYTHING. Enjoy and God Bless!


(To be continued…)