LADIES: You need to hear this.

FaithIt is a place of encouragement where Truth and examples of Christ-like love are shared. Based on that one sentence, you can understand why I’m attracted to the site. We all need encouragement as we walk the road less traveled. If you’re a Woman of God and have fallen victim to lies from the enemy, enjoy the video below and revel at your identity in The King.

[Heart Fuel] Identity

Yep, I’m a “pinner” and every once in a while I scroll across something that stops me in my tracks and gets me thinking. I like to refer to it as “Heart Fuel.” Be encouraged!

92d0892e95a125b91331a1a480d6bf3aI am a perfectly imperfect child of the cross. My beauty comes from the righteous robes of Christ. Through Jesus, I am empowered by the Holy Spirit and armed with the life-giving message of the Gospel to boldly live and love for a purpose greater than I could ever imagine. 

Your identity in Christ is BEAUTIFUL. Never, ever apologize for who you are or what you believe in. You are thought about, handcrafted and known by the Creator of the Universe. That is an INCREDIBLE identity. Embrace it!